Sunday, March 13, 2011

march winds

hello- it seems to becoming a monthly blog-not quite what i had in mind,but the stats speak for themselves. maybe that's why i get no visitors to my blog. we'll have to see what we can do to rectify the situation.if anyone is reading this thing, please take amoment to tell me what i can do to improve my visitors, and what i am doing wrong. i just finished reading artful blogger in which everyone talks about how blogging changed their lives,and about all the wonderful friends the've made in the blogging community.that has not been my experience and i'm really asking for help here. what's missing in my blog? any and all responses would be greatly appreciated..... on another topic we just got home from a  trip to philadelphia to see hilary in a play called"que(e)ry", a bittersweet production that the actors wrote themselves as they rehearsed for the play. it was an extraordinary piece about life as a gay/lesbian/transsexual/transgender/asexual /bisexual/ heterosexual did i leave anyone out? person in the modern world and all the quetions that go along with trying to decide who you are and having to live with the consequnces of whatever choice you make. it was a series of vignettes about the question of sexuality in modern life, and the complications that each individual's choice creates,with flashbacks to certain characters childhood experiences with innocent sexual experiences, that made me think of how innocent we really all still are, and what difference does it make who you choose to be and whom you choose to love in this crazy mixed up world we all inhabit-somehow the way it was presented indicated that it really doesn't matter, and reinforces a belief i've held for a long time, that in this world if you're lucky enough to find someone you love and who loves you back it doesn't matter what their race or religion or sexual orientation is- what matters is the love and the pleasure and comfort and happiness that love brings to the individuals involved and on that note i'll say goodnight. cheers, brigid