Friday, May 10, 2013

the miracle of may

hi everyone: may is finally here and i am counting the days until the end of june. retirement rears it's lovely head. there is so much that i want to do from painting and writing to reading to reordering my house. i want to spend a lot of time learning how to paint portraits like the old masters did, and spend some time doing landscapes and still lifes this summer. i also want to do some abstracts and encaustics, and continue to work on my etchings. and see as much art as possible all over the eastern seaboard.
i finally sent my children's book to a publisher, and am super excited about that. it would be totally awesome if it was published. i should hear in the next few months. i'm also getting very excited about redoing my studio and making some more space to make art, and organize all my supplies. i need to start collecting all kinds of cool baskets and suitcases and wooden boxes and shelves and organize all my journaling and art supplies on shelving units so that i can see everything and not have to go hunting for something every time i need it, and not having some haphazardly piled stack of things fall over because i have nowhere to put it.
   we walked until we could walk no more
   and sat beneath an old oak tree
   filling our lungs with the cool mountain air,
   filling our lungs with the scent of each other,
   promising that we would never again be alone
   and that we would always stay together
   and always laugh out loud
   about nothing in particular.