Saturday, August 9, 2014

Losing our way

If we lost ourselves
how long would it take
to be found again,and just
how far can we go
before it's too late
to come back again
too late to say I'm sorry,
too late to make amends.

if we lost our way
could we really
just retrace our footsteps,
come back again
as if nothing had happened:
no suicides
no broken hearts
no forgotten hopes
no bitterness?
I'm thinking
there's always a price to pay,
something to lose,
for every bit of happiness

something that changes forever
each and every time
we lose our way.

but then again
let's be optimistic.
let hope spring eternal,
let god  be in his heaven,
and all right with the world.
oh no,I don't believe that,
not for one minute,
no matter how hard I try
no matter how long
I hold my breath
no matter how long I live
there's just the coming and going,
the living and dying,
the eternity
of losing our way.


1 comment:

  1. This was beautiful and poignant, and exactly how I feel on so many levels.