Monday, May 28, 2012

corrections and connections

hi- just one correction- i meant to write pic as in short for picture, not pis as in short for we all know what. i've largely resolved my dilemma about the relative merits of arting and crafting by  just considering them all as creations or products of my creative mind. thanks to karen for her thoughtful advice, which i will bear in mind, but today i discovered something about journalling as  opposed to painting. journaling is semi-relaxing in a way that painting is not, and i can work with alot of different ideas at once and quickly , whereas while painting i sometimes seem to work for hours at a stretch and get nothing accomplished or do and redo the same part of the painting for days on end without resolving it. journalling is more immediate and limited- i can only do so much with a page and then it's time to go on to a new page. some fail some succeed, but it's not as big a deal as a failed painting somehow. i also find that i work alot with colors in my journals , trying out different palettes with strips of paper instead of paint which carries over into painting. and the colours i use in my painting palettes. i also work out placement and composition in my journal pages, and am able to be much more experimental in my journal than at my easel.needlees to say i've realized that journaling will remain a big part of my life for the time being.
just  showing off some of bill murphy's work to a friend. bill is an incredible artist-his work is absolutely flawless and if you haven't seen it google bill murphy artist. he is truly incredible and awe-inspiring and has been that way forever, for as long as i've known him which is a very long time.just thought i'd throw that plug in there- not that he needs it.

 moving right along i just read some really moving, incredibly honest and heart felt blogs by kelly rae roberts on the subject of motherhood and her traumatic birhting experience. she waited until she was ready to blow the lid off the story of what she went through, and most of us mothers can relate at least to some extent to her story. having children really does change everything, exposing you to an experience that is so primal and mind blowing that it's difficult to explain to someone who hasn't been there . it can bring out the best and the worst in people, and though i sometimes wish for a childless life, i'd do it all again in a heartbeat.i just didn't know i was capable of such a deep and ferocious love. so if you are a mom or even if you're not check out kelly rae's latest mothering  stories- they're well written and eerily familiar. that's all i've got for now, still haven't worked out the picture thing.This second pic ture was supposed to go with the first, the one i already posted

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

advice needed

hi i'm having a little problem with trying to figure out where to go artistically-ian considers all of the work i do in journals as just craft work, and defines craft as art for people who can't do real art like painting and drawing and sometimes i do too-but he thinks it's kind of beneath me as a "good" artist.i'm not sure how i feel-making the journals makes me feel good but does it help me to growas an artist? my life is very cluttered and complicated as a journaler, mixed media artist too cluttered- so maybe i h ave to remove  some of it but not all of it i mean this pis looks like art to me.cheers

Friday, May 4, 2012

blog #2 in 2 days

girl 2011
i do't know  what this is
hello i've been having trouble with blogspot so i may have to change my blog site which would be a drag since i have about 4000 business cards with this address on it. we'll see how bad it gets. right now i'm having trouble accessing my dash board and also retrieving pictures from my files- can any one tell me how i can type a little, insert a picture, type a little more and insert another picture-my pictures all seem to end up on the top or the bottom all together, not interspersed the way i'd like them to be.i suppose i'll have to do a tutorial or so well i took the day off from work and got nothing much accomplished still it's so wonderful to be at home and not at work. i'm trying to think of ways i can get my creative business started and i have a feeling the blog is key so i'm going to work really hard at getting my new work out there, and try to make some contacts along the way so if anyone's out there drop me a line and please be patient while i revamp my blog, and hopefully get a web page started - i really feel as if this is my time and that i can make it work with some help from my friends- life is passing by day by day and if i don't do this now, i never will, so wish me luck and keep the comments coming lol brigid.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012