Wednesday, May 2, 2012

may day may day

hilary for etching

  • hi hi hi i don't know what happened to march and april or april at least since i think i blogged once that month. i have been putting one foot in front of the other trying to make it to june, when life as we love it begins and i'm finished with my winter job.want to make a supreme effort to get back on track and try to build  a creative biz- i don't know where to begin, but i know i want to find an outlet and a market for my art work, and also want to get busy writing- fiction kids books poetry. i want to illustrate to print to silkscreen to make cards towels tee shirts fabrics jewelry paintings prints postcards stationary sets journals hangings quilts encaustics pottery articles demos how to's design sheets towels clothes picture frames mugs anything at all that can be licensced from my own designs- i'm so excited about this i feel like i have to go back to the beginning and start all over again, to be reborn as a crafter and an artist and come up with some fantastic ideas to help bring it all together some how which at the time being i'm far from doing but i think if i just start with the committment to searching for the life i want to lead i'm taking the first step. by believing in myself, and the fact that i can do this whatever it is, by believing that i'm good enough, just as i am and that i can set goals and achieve them one step at a time. i'm going to overhaul my blog , design a website, get my portfolio together apply for grants, take some classes at the art student's league, get out there and see what opportunities are around for me in manhattan brooklyn and even staten island and philadelphia - i'm really psyched- i can totally do this-i am good enough. tootles for now hope to be back really soon,lol brigid

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  1. You certainly ARE good enough, and more than that, you're brilliant. Anyone who sees your portfolio will be begging you to attend their classes, maybe even teach a few. I'm glad to read that you're so motivated; that's half the battle! You have the talent and creativity, so I'm sure you will figure a way to pull all of this together. Thank heavens summer is just around the corner, so you can have the time to make it happen for you. Time and plenty of sunshine is what we need to make our dreams manifest themselves. Take care!