Monday, July 18, 2011

bliss;summer continuing

hi all- as you can see by the title i am totally enjoying my summer "off", and i'm busier than ever. between preparing for my show,taking an e-class and going to the summer program at the art lab,along with experimenting with other art materials and substrates, i'm having a ball.and i haven't even started working on my children's book,or trying out encaustic painting, which are 2 of my goals for this summer. life is good. and i'm so loving staying up until midnight or later and waking up when i wake up- usually around 9 or so. i could so get used to this on a permanent basis. retirement is a magic word. i don't know how many years i have yet to go-3-5 probably- but it can't come soon enough for me. still for now i'm enjoying having the summer off, and am very grateful for it. today i painted all day and spent a little time working on the bookmarks i've made for the show.tomorrow i plan on more of the same, unless i start doing some encaustic work, or work on the book. i'm a little behind on my e-class work, but i'll get caught up soon. it's very time consuming, what with doing the work, scanning or photographing the pieces, and then posting them on flicker. i've also joined something called maryjane's farmgirl sister hood which looks like a hoot. anyone heard of them? it seems to be a kind of girl scouts for grownups-you can earn merit badges, talk to other members, and hopefully meet some of the girls in the flesh eventually.well i guess that's enough gas bagging out of me for now- i'll be back with more news as the summer progresses. lol, brigid.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

july's sweet s0ng

hello everyone- i've been on vacation for nearly a week and haven't. had the time to post. let's see if i can do better than one post a month over the summer! all kinds of things going on. tomorrow is the first day of art camp at the art lab-6weeks of drawing, painting, and art history lectures 3 daya a week. this is my 4th year i think. i just love it. seeing old friends,doing art together it's a blast.. my printmaking teacher pat dechico called to ask if i wanted to put some prints in an art show
 at the lab. of course i said yes and so will have a few pieces up starting on friday. come by and see. also gearing up for a one woman show in early august- september at the cold mountain cafe in bethleham n.h., which is owned and operated by my two old friends coleen and jack foley(and  partners). so for the best gourmet lunch or dinner in new hampshire,if you're heading to new england, stop in and eat and see my paintings too. i just ordered the postcards for the show-i'm calling it "women and other figments of the imagination". it should be good fun, and maybe i'll actually sell something. the summer is fling by already and i have so much art work to do. on that note i'll leave you so i can get to it-cheers brigid.