Wednesday, November 17, 2010

illicit post

  • hi again- i know i'm not supposed to be doing this at work but i can't resist. it's too tempting. i got over feeling sorry for myself about my lack of readership- after all i'm doing this for me,really- and people reading it and commenting on it are just gravy. the whole point is to talk about life and art and joy and laughing about how funny life is and how we make fools of our selves on a daily basis. at least i do. i just went outside for a cigarette sneak and found a whole bunch of beautiful leaves i'm going to use on a new piece soon. it's really balmy out 60 or 70 degrees- i love it! although this year i'm kind of looking forward to winter- i hope to get outside and do a few plein aire pieces when it's really cold- i'm going to snip the fingers off a pair of old gloves and maybe build a bon fire- i'm dying to do a piece of sculpture to put in the backyard. i read somewhere that your surroundings should reflect who you are so i'm going to work really hard at getting my house in shape to project that. i think it's really important in all phases of your life-how you look and dress, what your home looks like how your studio is arranged so that eventually it will all come together. this is of course on top of all the other things i have to do-making art being the most important thing after my family, but little by little i'm going to make the other changes as well. i'm really psyched about this, even if it takes me the rest of my life to do it-after all what is living for if not to make an authentic statement of who you really are and how you present yourself to the world?does that sound too shallow? shouldn'i have nobler intentions?i do i do but this is the fun part-making your life a work of art and making our art reflect who you are n'est pas?


  1. I loved this post! Of course life is about reflecting who you are!!! As far as nobler intentions... You've been a nurse most of your adult life. Can't think of much that is nobler than that. So any other stamp you should put on your life should most certainly reflect your art. You are a truly gifted artist, and the world should see your work. It brought me joy for many years. It shaped how I saw art, and I've always been drawn to artists and creative people. (no play on words intended there)

    I hope you post pictures of your new project... And if I might make a request...? Would you post a picture of three little kids that you drew nearly 40 years ago? I'd so love to see that again.

    Rock on, Brig!

  2. Hey Brig
    Just discovered your blog. Although I know nothing about them. I loved reading about you and your artwork and future endeavors. Although we've been best friends for 50 years and love you and Ian and Alexander, Christopher and Hillary. I'm glad to see expressing yourself is this medium. It woud be cool if you got a show at the Artlab. Most of all you are the most loving, wonderful, upbeat, supporting, funny, cool, spontaneous and true friend to all. It doesn't matter if we haven't seen or talked to each other in months or years, whenever we do it's like time hasn't passed. I still love the Beatles too and have become a big fan of Stevie Wonder in my older years. Beautiful music and wonderful lyrics mostly about love. I always encouraged my kids to enjoy reading which I never did until the last 20 years. Our tastes differ in authors except for J.K Rowling. I love Ken Follett, Frank Delaney, Thomas Eidson and other msyery writers.
    Just wanted to say I love you.