Monday, May 9, 2011

a day to remember and others to follow

hi friends-this morning i woke up at 530 to drive alex #1 son and ian 1 &and ;only husband to the airport where they flew fom n.j. to dallas and from dallas to la to spend a week among the weak andwonderful california brothers and i got to hang arounnd with chris-something ian does weekly without complaint, and i;m a harried mess eating everything un sight,thinking of drinking although i haven't had a drink in 17 years an it's now 700 pm too early for bed ... i never got to finish this post-it's now may3 and i'm all alone until saturday, the 7th i didn't  know i would miss them so much. i feel like a lost child, wandering through the house, talking to myself.-i thought i would relish the time alone and get alot of art done, but it's torture to get myself into the studio and when i'm there i kind of flit from one thing to another, unable to commit. one thing i did notice is that even if i'm just flitting i physically need time to do art or else i  get  antsy as i did when i had to watch chris on my own for two days without any me time.may 9th- made it through the week and back to work on a lovely monday afternoon with not a care in the world.seriously things could be a lot worse - igot my boys back and my daughter's coming home for summer break this week.and i get to make a little art every now and again and rumour has it june is just around the corner.happy days brigid.

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  1. It is odd, isn't it? when your life routine is a bit disrupted in any way, loved ones out of the house, days off you didn't expect, or an extra chore you weren't anticipating... It tends to sap your creativity! Happens to me regularly. I've been quite uninspired this past year. Upended. Flitting. Good word. I quite like that, the way you put that. I'm a champion flitter. LOL. not to be confused with Twitter, which I cannot abide.

    Love to you, can't wait to see more. Glad the menfolk are home, and very glad the young lady will be back this summer. I'm thinking of a small, short trip to the boroughs this summer. Perhaps we can get together?