Friday, April 22, 2011

april come she will

bet you thought i dropped off the earth or gave up on my blog.naah-just seriously lazy this week. i've been on vacation and it's been BLISSFUL!!! i could seriously get used to being on permanent vacation-or retirement, whichever comes first. doesn't look like i'll be retiring anytime soon, so i'm going to kick back and enjoy the remaining four days of vacation. so far i've painted 4 paintings done a bout 6 journal pages, worked on my book, worked on an etching done many sketches, read 2 books and a gazillion magazines, watched 3 movies, walked 3 miles a day, ate everything in sight, swiched my winter clothes for my spring ones(it had better warm up by the time i go back to work or i'll be freezing my butt off), slept as much as possible and got my haie done, and went down to philly for the day to see hilary. like i said i could get seriously used to this. i'm attempting to post one of my newer paintigs, and also an etching of the same  painting- i'm trying to do a series of prints made from paintings- tbut everytime i try to upload more than one picture it doesnt work for some reason anyway tootles for now and a happy and blessed Easter and Passover to you and your loved ones.cheers ,brigid .

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  1. Your vacation sounds wonderful so far. I'm glad spring is finally here for you. Down here, it's already getting oppressively hot. Fortunately it cools off a bit at night, still, and can be pretty enjoyable then. The paintings are absolutely beautiful, and remind me of when I was a little girl, begging you to draw "a pretty girl". You always did. Some of the very best parts of my childhood featured you and Sean. I was in awe of both of you, and it's great to see bits of your life now. It's just as I'd always imagined it to be.