Tuesday, July 14, 2015

37 years.

For thirty seven years
I've slept beside you,
Kissed and touched you,
Held your hand.
For thirty seven years
I've said good morning
and good night,
And most importantly of all,
I've said I love you,
Each and every day
of those thirty seven years,
and meant it too.
Life takes us down
so many paths,ready or not-
I knew as soon as I found you,
That you were the path
I wanted,no needed to follow,
That you were my future,
my present, and my past.
I can't imagine life
without you,my only prayer,

offered to the God of all true atheists,
Is that I don't outlive you.
I need you that much,
want you that much,
love you that much,
As I did the moment
I met you,as I did this morning,
As I will tomorrow,and the day after that,
Forever, or at least for thirty seven more years.

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