Monday, June 10, 2013


hi all i'm on a monthly roll-ihave something like 12 days to work until i can retire. and can start being a full-time artist for the first time in my life.!!!! i need to get more traffic to my blog because i hope to finally start my creative business, so if anyone reads this, please tell a friend to tell a friend to come on over and view my blog- i promise to fill it full of amazing stories, jokes give-a-way prizes, membership in my fan club, trips to paris by candlelight, lots of greeting cards, prints, posters and jewelry to buy, art lessons, free babysitting(well maybe not) passports to adventure and my own irresistable sense of fun and joie de vivre .and where it goes from there is anybody's guess. i will be opening an etsy shop soon but if you are interested in paintings i'm having a sale:head on over to my website It's still a work in progress but it's a little better organized now. i have way more paintings than you will see, and i am offering a print of any painting for considerably less than the cost of a painting,$30 dollars instead of $200-$1000,for a painting, which may sound like a lot but if you check out the paintings at MOMA mine are a steal- and won't stay at those prices forever, so get in on the ground floor- i'm going to be a major player in the art scene over the next few years and you can say you knew me when, or be like Mr. Barnes and buy out my entire studio! oh yeah i'm being published in the july issue of art journaling magazine so hurry out to your local barnes and noble after july1,or order directly from somerset studio magazines. see you next time,love brig.