Friday, May 30, 2014

Almost June

I can't believe almost a whole year has gone by since I retired! I've been really busy taking classes and rediscovering reading.sometimes I read 2 books a day!I haven't been painting as much as I should be, but that's about to change .I've been taking an online course with Kelly Rae Roberts,and some of the things she talks about are having intentions in art and in life,and rediscovering what your heart needs to hear, and giving yourself permission to do things, and telling yourself  you are allowed to do things, and one of the things I'm giving myself permission to do is to be a full time artist and writer.and something I'm allowed to do is to make my studio as user friendly and perfect for me at this time in my life,cause I don't know if I'll ever have a different studio,and that's okay- I'm lucky to have a little space of my own at all. I plan to publish before and after pictures of the studio soon, and maybe if I get really carried away of my house as well. I feel really motivated right now, and plan to spend a little time in there when I finish this. Here's a look at a some new and not quite finished paintings.till next time,brigid.p.s- some of the paintings may have printed more than once and some might not have printed.i'm not too good at this. Giving myself permission to make mistakes, and to learn more about this blog site in future. Cheers!