Friday, August 31, 2012

summer's end

hello- this is the 2nd time i've sat down to post all summer.the first one i never completed- i offer this up in lieu of that.i've been on vacation since the end of june, and am scheduled to go back to work on tuesday(today is friday). it's been a deliciously good summer with lots of time spent making art, reading, looking at art, sleeping, writing; spending time with friends and family and just generally doing whatever i felt like doing- the only really sad thing was learning that a dear friend of mine is seriously ill, and there is nothing that i can do to alter that...i also spent a fair amount of time doing nothing special-watching silly movies cooking alot of pasta with pesto sauce, drinking gallons of iced coffee laced with lethal amounts of cream and splenda-yes i am still a vegan, but a vegan who cannot live without cream in her coffee. i am going to make a serious effort to change this very soon as i think it may be one of the reasons that i cannot lose the weight i so desperately need to lose- but this is very hard folks- i've given up alcohol, i've given up cigarettes, must i give up half and half too? i see that my dashboard has changed in the months i've been away from posting-idon't see the little symbol for inserting pictures, so this may be a post without pictures until i figure it out, but i've made contact and blasted a little hole in my bloggers block-can pictures be too far behind? i'm working on creating a web page, which is far from finished, and i may have some artwork published in a few months,but those are stories for another day.for now i'm back, and am thrilled to be here-here's hoping my next post won't be too long in coming.oh i almost forgot- the best news of all- i am hoping that this will be my last year of working as a school nurse with a little luck, by this time next year i will be a full time artist!!!love for now, brigid.