Thursday, January 20, 2011

a tribute to pat passlof

i can't remember the first class i took with pat as i was rather shy and awkward then -she probably terrified me, but it wasn't a terror i held onto because i studied with pat for many,many years. or at least it seems that way. i was in love with her of course,and in the big word she held in her beautiful hands-the artist word,the word that tauunts and terrifies and beckons us fom afar, and although i think she called herself a painter, she was an ARTIST to me,the first real artist i had ever met. now that i've started i'm not sure what i should say about her-what do you say about someone who irrevocably changes your life, who takes you on a journey to a place you never even knew existed. who lights in you a flame that never goes out-in short a person who makes a blind person see, and she did all those things for me especially the latter. i was blind and she taught me to see. and as an added bonus she taught me to paint. she set me on the path i continue to travel today.and though i don't know what she would think of the work i've done in the last year or two, it doesn't really matter. i am on my own path now, the one she set me down on, and she will always be the most important art teacher i have ever had; and though i have studied with some fine teachers,none of them even come close to teaching me what she did. she turned me upside down and cracked me over the head with a look or a word or a paintbrush taken out of my unsure hands and into her capable ones, to demonstrate something there were no words to convey.i wish i could do that now- take a brush in my hand and convey what words cannot, to try and do justice to her, and to thank her for all that she taught me ,things i have no words for. i can only hope in some small way that i do justice to all that she gave me, and that she knows how much i love her and continue to learn more about all that she tried

to teach me all those years ago. to pat with love, brigid.


  1. An absolutely beautiful tribute. There is so much about you that I never knew. I'm glad to be finding it out finally.

  2. this is beautiful brigid, i will miss her too.