Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy new year 5 days too late

ello ello ello-HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! never mind that it's jan. 5th- at least i got the month right. this promises to be a splendid year- i don't know why but i promise anyway.i've been busy being off from my fake job and working hard on my real job as i'll soon show you. i have been doing portraits-only one of which is a real person and i will post them as soon as i take pictures of them,which will

be very soon.two of them will be exhibited at the art lab's open show, which opens on sunday the9th at the art lab so go and see the show. it's going to be a blockbuster,with every artist on staten island jockeying for wall space.exciting stuff,thanks to my wonderful ian who wired them for hanging and drove them to snug harbor to submit them for me. and thanks to leigh at the art lab,, for accepting them a day past the christmas was lovely and it was even fun to get snowed in on hilary's birthday(the26th). we ate alot of nonvegan chocolate-though we did have a vegan dinner with stuffing as the main course(who needs tofurky), and a vegan chocolate cake, played scrabble and dominos and drank endless glasses of sparkling cider and cups of tea. we laughed alot and i got dressed up in steampunk finery for a laugh. which reminds me-i've signed up for two classes at the artlab one of which is a steampunk jewelry making class taught by the inimitable laura delprete, and printmaking with the ever enthusiastic and extremely talented pat decicco. this time i'm trying a self portrait, god help me.i tried to upload some images to go with this post but i don't know if they're going to fly.if not my words must suffice. i'll be back very soon .pip pip

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