Saturday, February 23, 2013


hi all- sorry it's been so long but i've been busy working my way towards retirement in 4 months,16 weeks, 120 days give or take some weekends, a week off in spring and the odd sick day or 30. i've been taking an online course/workshop with misty mawn, and it's wonderful when i have time to participate which is seldom.she's really improved her drawing and painting skills and i'm learning some interesting stuff. she really puts her heart and soul into her classes and it shows- kudos to misty- i wish i had more time to spend on art output has stalled a bit for the moment- i'm having a bit of a block, but work has been incredibly busy and tiring and i am utilizing all my energy to just get through the days right now, and it's cold and all i want to do is curl up with a blanket and read or sleep. i've gone back to straight vegetarianism after my too carb heavy vegan diet. maybe i can lose some of this old lady fat that's been creeping up on me. next year i'll be 60! i can't believe it-however did i get so old? i bought some lovely books by sibella court, who is a stylist who's worked for many people including anthropologie, whose catalogs and stores i just love. the books are quite full of all kinds of great photographs of all kinds of cool things like fabrics and papers and ribbons and string and all kinds of hardware and what she calls haberdashery all very vintage and cool and low tech. i recommend a glance through the books even if you don't want to invest in them. i keep them by the side of my bed and find them very soothing to flip through on the odd night that i can't get to sleep. well this has been a pretty boring post, for which i apologize, but i just wanted to say hello, so you don't forget all about me.cheers for now and farewell to february, the dreariest of months.until next time..