Friday, February 18, 2011

time to blog blog blog

hello friends and almost friends-so sorry for the long delay.i've just been working too hard at my fake job but now i have 10 count them 10 days off to do whatever i want to do and blogging is high up there on the list, along with painting, collaging, writing,sleeping ,walking, doing nothing,cleaning(HA-HA), spending time with my man and sons, doing yoga, setting up my studio so its more user friendly, thinking about my new portfolio that i have to make, visiting many blogs that i haven't had a chance to look at, and visiting my shrink to get my head screwed on straight, going to see some art, catching up with old friends. i think i need to retire, nevermind taking a week off! well we will see how much or how little i accomplish.major bummer the art lab turned me down for a 1 woman show, and i'm not exactly sure why. i think i must discuss this rejection with the director. they said they liked my stuff sort of, but that i didn't have a cohesive proposal, and they couldn't visualize it as a show. at least i think that's what they said-they also said i should have submitted a resume of where i've studied and showed my work, which i could have given them had they asked. oh well. they've encouraged me to submit a more together proposal inthe future, which is one reason why i need to put together a good portfolio. i have no ego, i'll submit again.boy i wish that were true-the bit about not having an ego.i don't have much of one, thanks to the good budda and pema chodrun and ian, but rejection hurts. back to the drawing board as they the meantime i have two paintings ih the open exhibit which comes down in about 10 days. i have one painting high up on the wall on the right as you come in, and another in the gallery itself, on the lower right hand side as you go in, both mixed media portraits of women. so enough for now- i have to tell you about the two cool courses i'm taking, and what i'm working on now, but i'll leave that for another day. shine on cheerio,brigid.

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  1. It's almost a shock to me how incredibly political and "organized" art shows have become. Quite a lot of red tape to maze through to get anything shown. I never thought of that before. I'm sorry they turned you down for such bureaucratic reasons--they don't know what they're missing! Best of luck with your resubmission, and I sure do wish I could get to that show when it opens.