Monday, February 28, 2011

the last time i saw february

hello hello- this is the last day of february-tomorrow march begins and we start to slither towards spring- i can't wait! to see the first little green shoots poking up through the dirt brown earth, tofeel the first warm breeze, to experience the beginning of daylight savings time march 20th- the first day of spring . i'm looking forward to so many things-daily walks, open windows, laundry drying on the line, planning a garden. this year i want to plant a garden full of vegetables and  all kinds of flowers, i want to clear out the yard and the house and get rid of all the clutter that's clogging our lives both physically and mentally. i want to simplify  and get rid of all the things we've never used, no longer use,and realistically have no time for. i want to do some plein air paintings, some encaustic work, maybe some sculpture. i'm planning on expanding my studio onto the deck to do some work that needs space and good ventilation, put an easel and a table out there and throw paint around to my heart's content..we are shorter on funds now, so i want to use what i have without buying much more in the way of supplies-making do when i would have headed out to the store to purchase whatever i needed for a project. i plan to use my creativity to the max and see how far it takes me. i want to do a thorough spring cleaning of my house , my studio and my brain, figure out what's the best use of my time and resources and plan accordingly. i'm excited by the strides i'm making in painting and printmaking- i just have to take some more photos of my wok so i can show it here. i'm working on my portfolio too, and am planning to submit some work to galleries and magazines in the not too distant future. i'm also going to finish my book, and get started on the second one. i'm planning on collaborating on that book with both hilary and ian -it should be lots of fun.well ta-ta for now and happy spring-cheers brigid

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  1. I'm sure you'll be brilliant! You always are, artistically and intellectually. I've had the spring cleaning bug too... It always feels so good to purge your house and mind of unnecessary clutter. Happy spring!