Saturday, November 13, 2010

blogger blues



black and white collage

black and white collage
hello hello i've got the nobody reads my blog what am i doing this for blues-i don't know if my blog is too boring or if i'm not giving anything worth reading about but i haven't had a comment on my last 3 or 4 posts. what am i doing wrong? i'm still a novice at this but it's discouraging when you don't think anyone is reading the drivel that you write whether i'm excited or not. artistically i'm still working most days evenif it means jut a page or two in my journals. i'm also really turned on by Renoir at the moment and am trying a quasi-copy ofone of his paintings. his nudes are so luscious i want to lick them, and i love that the're all full figured gals, after spending half of my life gazing at anorexically skinny models in magazines. i'm at an exciting place in my work(art work) right now because i feel as if the skies the limit- i can paint anything i want to and skip back and  forth between realism and abstraction or combine them, and also use some mixed media elements in otherwise traditional oil paintings. playing with watercolours and acrylics are fun too  mostly because they dr so fast. i use them purel for sketching and journal pages- i haven't attempted a full scale painting in either medium yet. i've also started playing around wth polymer clay- i'm g0ing to try making some jewelry with it.ian(the fabulous lve of my life) also bought me some wire working pliers and things so more jewelry may be in my future works as well.BUT THE BIG NEWS IS-i've submitted a cd of my work and an artist's statement to the Art Lab in hopes of having a one woman show@ some time in the next year or so. the'll probably reject me, but nothing ventured ,noting gained. wish me there anybody out there? i keep reading about all thesw women who say their lives channged dramatically, and they met so many people from blogging but so far that has not happened to me. so if you're out there say hello so i don't feel like i'm talking to myself. cheers,brigid.


  1. I have amassed a few friends in the blog community, who would love your blog. Would it be ok if I sent them the link to it? Several of them are artists as well, and would be able to relate quite well to it. I know I love it, for reasons other than the art and the past. You write beautifully, and much of it stirs my heart.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Rembrandt kicks Renoir's behind.

    Just sayin'.