Tuesday, July 5, 2011

july's sweet s0ng

hello everyone- i've been on vacation for nearly a week and haven't. had the time to post. let's see if i can do better than one post a month over the summer! all kinds of things going on. tomorrow is the first day of art camp at the art lab-6weeks of drawing, painting, and art history lectures 3 daya a week. this is my 4th year i think. i just love it. seeing old friends,doing art together it's a blast.. my printmaking teacher pat dechico called to ask if i wanted to put some prints in an art show
 at the lab. of course i said yes and so will have a few pieces up starting on friday. come by and see. also gearing up for a one woman show in early august- september at the cold mountain cafe in bethleham n.h., which is owned and operated by my two old friends coleen and jack foley(and  partners). so for the best gourmet lunch or dinner in new hampshire,if you're heading to new england, stop in and eat and see my paintings too. i just ordered the postcards for the show-i'm calling it "women and other figments of the imagination". it should be good fun, and maybe i'll actually sell something. the summer is fling by already and i have so much art work to do. on that note i'll leave you so i can get to it-cheers brigid.

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  1. I wish I were headed to New England, it's one of my favorite places. I'd love to see your paintings in the flesh, as it were.

    Glad you are having such a great summer. Take care, doll.