Friday, May 4, 2012

blog #2 in 2 days

girl 2011
i do't know  what this is
hello i've been having trouble with blogspot so i may have to change my blog site which would be a drag since i have about 4000 business cards with this address on it. we'll see how bad it gets. right now i'm having trouble accessing my dash board and also retrieving pictures from my files- can any one tell me how i can type a little, insert a picture, type a little more and insert another picture-my pictures all seem to end up on the top or the bottom all together, not interspersed the way i'd like them to be.i suppose i'll have to do a tutorial or so well i took the day off from work and got nothing much accomplished still it's so wonderful to be at home and not at work. i'm trying to think of ways i can get my creative business started and i have a feeling the blog is key so i'm going to work really hard at getting my new work out there, and try to make some contacts along the way so if anyone's out there drop me a line and please be patient while i revamp my blog, and hopefully get a web page started - i really feel as if this is my time and that i can make it work with some help from my friends- life is passing by day by day and if i don't do this now, i never will, so wish me luck and keep the comments coming lol brigid.

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  1. If you insert all of your pictures, you can then type your captions, and arrange or move the pics where the captions are. Or you can go into HTML mode and arrange them that way. I tend to do that more, because it doesn't give you the spaces that you can get by winging it in compose mode. You can tell where the pics are by all the crazy characters, and you can insert the text right under or above it. To cut your text where you want it, just highlight what you've written, press "ctrl X" and it will cut the text. Then just put your cursor where you want the text to be and hit "ctrl V" and it pastes it there. It's one of my favorite methods for moving text around. Also you have the option when uploading pictures, of resizing them, and aligning them right, left, or in the middle. I haven't written much on blogger lately, so if they've changed the format, I've been unaware of it. Hope I didn't just confuse you more... Please don't change sites, blogger is so well known, and usually VERY user friendly. Once you figure out the bugs, and what makes it run smoothly for uploading pictures, it's great.

    I love the picture of "Girl 2011". The girl reminds me a lot of Erin. Same color eyes. Really well done and beautiful.