Thursday, August 12, 2010

end of art camp, is summer far behind?

hi all-tomorrow is the last day of my art class at the art lab. traditionally each session ends with a critique of what everyone's been doing all summer. someone from outside the program looks at everyone's work and discusses it ,offering advice, praise, suggestions etc. it's fun and a little nerve wracking but for the most part the reviewers are kind and positive, and manage to find something good to say about everone's work. so i am tired, having attempted to complete four or five paintings that get started in class but never finished. most of my work is unfinished but i'm going to show it anyway, because that's what we do in art camp. i'm sorry that it's ending, but i'm a little relieved too-now i can relax a little in the last few weeks of summer before school starts again. i can't believe how quicly this summer is going! even tho i still have 3 weeks off i feel as if it's over. and i am having too good a time to go back to work.i promise to write more when this class is behind me. many thanks to mary c. who had us all down to her little mansion in seagirt for a wonderful day. i love getting together with this group of girls-we have such a good for now,brigid

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