Monday, October 24, 2011

squam at last

hello all-it's about time i addressed this-squam having been over more than a month all ready, but i just couldn't find the time or the words to describe what it meant to me.i've never been anywhere that moved me as much as those all too few days at squam did, in such a beautiful place,surrounded by beautiful loving women(and a few men), taking hikes, taking classes taught by the beautiful and talented misty mawn, the hilarious and superb craftswoman alex bluh(sorry if i spelled your name wrong alex), and the gentle and inspiring sarah ahearn, whose class was too short, taking place for a few short hours on saturday night i lit my first fire ever in a fireplace,taking the chill off my little cabin,and spent two evenings in front of a roaring fire at some friends cabin, talking peoples ears off and joining in the raucous laughter of a night fueled by  coffee, wine and outrageous fudge and inspiring and hilarious conversation. i felt as if i had known these women all my life-having such deep and interesting conversations and so much laughter- i will remember it forever. and then on saturday night i found myself for the first time ever, trying to sell some of the paintings and cards and prints i'd made at home, for my first ever attempt at selling my art. and sell i did,but probably not as much as i bought-there were such beautiful and interesting things to buy-i wish i could have bought something from evey one!!anyway the trip was something. i'll never forget,made even more special by christine lingle, who let me trail around after her like an old overgrownpuppy dog, and by elisabeth mccrellish who made me feel so welcome and special and by jonatha brooke who made sure her cd was waiting for me when i got home.i just hope i can make it again next year-i've already starte saving my money. cheers and good night to you all-these are some photos of the things i made ay squam-at the painted icon, and the talisman necklace, two of the classes i took from the ladies listed above...


  1. Your description of Squam was inspiring and beautiful. I'd love to have an experience like that, it sounded positively spiritual. Glad you had such a wonderful time, and I do hope you can go back next year. Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous, and the painting as well. I've been looking forward to a post about your trip, and you did not disappoint! Very beautifully described.

  2. Brigid...i am SO glad we are warm & wonderful & funny & talented & down to I sound like a dork? I hope you can come back next year, too!
    Linda E