Sunday, September 16, 2012

hooray for computer savvy daughters

hi all -the picture on this post is brought to you courtesy of my brilliant daughter's troubleshooting the reason why i couldn't upload pictures to my blog- i am severely computer challenged, having been brought up in a world where only scientists in space labs had computers, and you had to go to the library to answer questions like why do cats lick themselves or what color are drew barrymore's eyes ? anyway it's back to september and i am back to work, so blogging should resume at it's regular pace-i.e. whenever i get a chance to do it. i know you all are dependent on my every word to get on with your lives but get over it,seriously. i am currently in a creative rut brought on by not too few but too many ideas of things to do, which has me literally panic stricken and unable to do anything at all. i'm also at a point where i have to decide what i want to concentrate on and what i should let go, but the problem is i want to do everything and i don't have time to do it all. i want to paint, illustrate, write books and articles, design fabrics, knit, crochet, etc- oh by the way i have started working on a website but it's not organized or completed i'll let you know when it's up and running,with the help of my more computer literate friend(thank you laura). well that's it for now, i have to go and look after my son , and do some housework, and maybe paint a little, but i will return with more exciting news about myself and my near and dear friends, and especially with a tribute to jack foley, who so heartbreakingly passed away on september first, and with news about my upcoming retirement from my day job in june or to all ,brigid.

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  1. You made me laugh out loud with your "get over it, seriously" comment. You still have an amazing sense of humor. I love it.

    Have you tried making a list as the creative ideas come to you? I myself despise lists, but at times they come in handy. My oldest daughter, on the other hand, loves lists and is very organized about certain things, where I'm very "fly by the seat of my pants."

    Not a good way to be, now that my memory is not what it used to be. I still don't make shopping lists, though, so if I forget something at the store, I just suffer. :)

    I'm very excited about your upcoming retirement! I'm so happy for you.