Monday, November 26, 2012

aaah december!

hi y'all- just when you think things can't get any worse december comes. i know all you christmas lovers are hanging your lights and listening to 106.7 with their nonstop christmas music, and are singing along trala tra lalala- but i hate december and am terrified of christmas and the shopping and the wrapping and the nervous wait for amazon packages to arrive! i'd rather it be february(which is closer to june) or may or something less sinister than whipping out your credit card for just one more gift, i don't think i got enough(when i'm wrapping it's like why the hell did i get so many gifts). anyway the good news is that our house wasn't really touched by the hurricane-we're the only ones living on our block, ian got hired back at his old job temporarily-we're not sure for how long but at least till march. i'm going to have some artwork, and a short article that i wrote published in amagazine called Somerset Studio Gallery, or just Sommerset Gallery in the December  issue, one week from now and I'm deathly afraid they're going to change their minds at the last minute and not publish it, so i'm trying to be very low key about it, but they just sent me a check so that's promising.i'll let you know as soon as i have the mag in my hand. keep your fingers crossed or pray for me if you pray -it will be a really good thing for me. i am also working on putting together a web site- it's still totally disorganized, but you can look for it brigid gallagher davies on art /slant.some of my paintings are on it by no means all so it's good for a laugh.past my bedtime got to run karen my faithful reader please send me your address again(sorry)send to my email,love ,love brigid.

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  1. I am so glad your house didn't sustain any damage during the hurricane. That was a huge relief!! Usually Florida is the state everyone worries about in hurricanes, but we barely got anything from it at all. My electric went out for a couple of hours, and a wire came down in my back yard, but other than that and a bunch of downed palm fronds, all was peaceful the next day. I'm very excited for you that you were published!! And I know it sounds strange, but Christmas is my least favorite holiday too. I can't stand the pressures, the stress, the feeling that I didn't do enough, buy enough, have enough money to buy anything, etc. It's such BS to me, all the crass commercialization of the thing. Maybe I'm just sour grapes, but I've never really enjoyed it at all. Not as an adult, anyway. I know people that LOVE IT. I love Thanksgiving. That's my favorite holiday of all time. I'll send my address to your email. It was great to see a post!! <3