Tuesday, April 2, 2013

is it april or am i dreaming?

hi all- i cannot believe that it is april and i am finally headed down the retirement road. my official retire date is september 1st, but i hope to not work another day after the last day of june. i can't believe it. i have worked for the department of education for approximately 29 years- i can't believe that either- and soon i will be getting a pension, and all that cool retirement stuff. hilary will be graduating from college, and i am getting seriously old-i will be 60 on my next birthday! there is so much that i want to do in the next 20 or 30 years that i have left- i scarcely know where to begin, but  i'm really excited about being a fulltme artist, and having so much more time to devote to that, to hopefully writing and publishing some books,starting a creative business, getting my art work out there, exploring all kinds of mediums, and more than anything else just having the time to work uninterruptedly whenever i want to. i'm looking forward to to traveling a bit, to see some of the great art treasures the world over, to gardening, building a new studio ,finally learning how to use a computer and photoshop, and taking lots and lots of photographs, learning to type, reading everything i can get my hands on, taking pottery and sculpture and jewelry classes, maybe even doing an mfa. i don't think i'll be bored. i intend to spend a lot more time blogging, whipping my house, studio, and web page into place. oh and i'm being published again            in Art Journaling, hopefully in the July Issue. that's all i have to report for today; next post will hopefully less of a me me me, and we'll talk abut other things.cheers for now, brigid

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  1. But I really LIKE your "me, me, me" posts! I love hearing about your life, and all that you're doing, want to do, dream of doing. I'm so happy for you that you're retiring! What an amazing milestone for you; you should be very proud of yourself that you've come so far. I'm very excited to see more of your work. VERY exciting that you'll be published again. You've always been so talented, and it's high time the world knew it. Happy April to you, and enjoy the spring time! By the way, 60 is NOT old. I'll be 47 next month, can you believe it? Odd how you can perceive yourself one way, then you look in the mirror, and think, "Oh." At least, I do. Still have the mind of a youngster, I do. the more people I talk to though, the more I realize everyone feels that way.