Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Calving or drawing proper calves

I am steaming because I was told by my drawing instructor that I NEVER draw calves right and that maybe I ought to study anatomy. Meanwhile half the class draws figures that look like malformed peanuts with arms and legs, and while I am not admittedly the best draughtsman in the world I never do anything wrong all the time. No one should teach a class who doesn't have supportive constructive advice for their students,not someone who tells them they ALWAYS do something wrong,especially in a drawing class. I will of course now take to my anatomy books and draw legs(especially calves) incessantly. My drawings henceforth will consist of nothing but legs with the odd breast thrown in now and again. I mean what's so bad about these calves( the only ones I could find a quick picture of) ? Admittedly not the best drawing in the world, but not completely terrible. And I must say I've drawn better examples in the past. I feel better now that I've got that off my chest. Just remember no one ever does something wrong all the time and be kind to your  trying very hard students.

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  1. It really does say a lot about an instructor who accuses you of "always" doing something wrong, when prior to this, you didn't hear such criticism. Why, if she is a teacher, did she not inform you of this error sooner? The only thing that can be concluded is that you DON'T always get them wrong, and she was in a snit about something that had nothing to do with you. I love the calves. I'd love to have calves as shapely as the ones you drew. Nothing wrong with them that I can see, although I'm not an artist. But I DO have legs, so they look normal to me, not to mention they have the correct proportion. Don't change what you do because someone was being a jerk one day. If she keeps offering nothing but negative criticism without trying to pinpoint exactly what about the calves she feels is so egregious, fire her and find a new instructor. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to an education is a faulty instructor. (HOW DARE SHE CRITICIZE MY SISTER) I know we don't always do everything exactly right all the time, but it makes no earthly sense to criticize someone without offering a new perspective on how to make a troublesome project work more smoothly. This has happened to me countless times as a hair stylist. I had one client who alternately would LOVE what I did, and HATE what I did. Usually I did the exact same thing every time. It became apparent that she was taking her anger or stress out on me. I tried breaking up with her (haha) but she wouldn't have it. Finally I told her that I would not tolerate abuse any longer; that I was there to provide a service, I provided it, and would not be verbally abused any longer. If that meant she'd find another hair stylist, so be it. I'm still stuck with her, but she doesn't go postal on me anymore at least.