Thursday, June 24, 2010


Help! This is my first post ever and I have no idea what I"m doing,so please,please bear with me!I have no idea how to make a blog or what to say.I don't know how to put pictures on here. I don't know my way around a computer,and my18 year old daughter who knows about all these things is taking a nap.It's 90+ degrees in nyc as i write and from my window I can see the tops of some kind of trees or other billowing in the breeze. I know a little bit about alot of things.I know next to nothing about others.Have you ever read a blog as boring as this one.I love painting big bright abstact paintings. i'm currently working on a series of collaged portraits of women, hoping to get into encaustic painting, will spend the summer drawing and painting at the art lab at snug harbor-staten islands answer to the botanical gardens(pick your borough), the art student's league, with some glorious romanesque at least that's what i call them-buildings thrown in for good measure-more about the magnificent snug harbor in another post if i ever get through this one.i'm currently enrolled in kelly rae robert's e-class. iregistered late so i'm really behind. but it was suggested in the course that a blog was in order. someday i'll know how to post pictures of my work but right now i don't know how- so if anyone reads this and can help me i will be ever so grateful and i'll talk about finding your soul and all kinds of other cool things if i ever find out how to do this .hopefully yours, brigid agnes claire gallagher davies(not the archbishop of new york.)


  1. This is the most interesting blog I've come across in YEARS. I'm glad I found it. I'm so glad you are still an artist. We have exactly the same taste in books... Quite remarkable, but not really I suppose. We have the same musical appreciations. I'm a frustrated artist. I got the artistic fever as a tiny child when I used to beg my foster sisters to "draw a picture of a lady!!" and they would... every time. For now I must content myself by using hair as my canvas. It gives me a creative outlet, and I have the most wonderful interactions with people while making them feel and look better.

    I hope it is ok that I have commented here... I've thought of you so often over the years.

    Rock on, Briget!

  2. And my apologies for misspelling your name. I'm sorry, Brigid.