Monday, June 28, 2010

thank you

hi again-i published my concerns about being unable to access my blog online with my fellow members of the creative flight facebook page and i got back feedback from the"Creative Flight" facebook page almost immediately! You guys are great. for those of you who don't know Creative Flight refers to an e-class i'm currently taking with the inimitable kelly rae, and i'm learning tons of stuff and beginning to make contact with some new people via the facebook page. i apologize for the paucity of this site right now but it's early days and i have alot to learn! i just began a 10 week hiatus from my side job as a nurse for the nyc dept. of education and boy does it feel good. now i can concentrate on my real jobs making art and writing. i'm going to attempt to insert a few pictures now-wish me luck..


  1. What a wonderful beginN & with a comment

  2. Hi Brigid!!
    Have definitely been there myself, starting a new blog for the first time. Now I'm starting other things for the first time and I feel the same way! Overwhelmed!! LOL. I wish you much luck and a fast learning curve.
    Thanks for friending me on Facebook!!