Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Slowing down

Hello-i'm not sure what this post is going to be about-usually i have had some event happen in my life, or i've read or thought about something i want to share about, but today i'm not sure about what i'm going to say or what pictures i'm going to's october: september seemed endless and would not go away,together with 90 degree heat-today it's chilly real fall weather and with the change in weather comes a change in me, and in my intentions: i want to slow down. all summer i seemed to be so busy, involved in art classes,e-classes, art challenges,lots of painting and drawing,lots of deadlines,lots of work.and even though i loved it while i was doing it i seem to have reached a time and place where i need to step back a little and think about what i want to do next and maybe spend some time not doing anything at all, so i can figure out what direction i want to go in and start again with gusto and conviction that this-whatever it is is the best way to use my time right now;that i'm doing what i need to do to move forward along my creative path and in my life as it is right now, as the year draws to a close. i want to sleep-i can't get enough of it, i want to curl up in my blankets and sleep for 8,9,10 hours a night. i want to read books and write in my journal with nothing more profound to say than it's such and such a day,and i did this and thought that. i want to take walks along the beach with my. husband and talk to him and listen to him talk to me, about nothing in particular-what happened at work, what we've been thinking about, sharing stories and reminiscing, laughing about life,loving each other as we put in our daily miles, making dinner together and reading or sketching alittle before i have to go to bed and sleep(yum), so i can get up at 5 to get to work every day. and at work i do just that-the work that needs to be done, with no time left over to read or do a little art or anything much that is not related to my winter job as a school nurse about as far wa from art as you can get. i did however get a scholorship to take another semester of printmaking at the art lab(thank you art lab people!!) so at least i will be doing that. and  yes i started another art journal, and have a piece in an art show at snug harbor, and am taking part though not as diligently as over the summer in two e-classes. but i don't feel as driven as i did all summer, at least for right now. so that's where i'm at and by next week it might change but for now you'll have to excuse me: it's 8:30 and it's almost time for bed.

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