Wednesday, September 21, 2011


hello all- so tired. some time soon i'll write about squam, but not yet, i'm too tired, too overwhelmed with memories, thoughts and inspiration, and 3 days of playing catch-up at work, working like a dog. here are a few journal entries. i'm going to take this really slow....good night, brigid.


  1. Hey B! I have some really nice pictures of you sketching on the dock in Sarah's class! Linda Esterley

  2. Ah, I love that image of you with the dock! So nice to have shared the fire and conversation with you over in Brown Betty. I will check back for more!

    xo Lis (I probably had my head down knitting while you were in our cabin! Sorry if I was distracted ... or if you heard my sailor's mouth ... too much wine!)

  3. Beautiful picture of you on the dock, Brig! Such a gorgeous sketch, too.