Tuesday, February 28, 2012


, time for a quick blog before i head out for my printmaking class, where i'm working on a print of the painting i did of pat passlof,last year. it's coming along pretty well-i'll post it soon as i finish it. working on portraits of family members now- ihave three in the works, hard work but really rewarding when i just get someone's likeness. last time i posted a portrait of me and ian but i've changed it since then and i think it looks more like me now -you be the judge.i'm learning so much about portrait paintings and have begun to copy some of the masters styles-great fun, and a lot of inspiration. feeling better now but today i had a full blown panic attack about how we're going to make ends meet until i can retire. poor ian has had no luck getting another job since he was laid off a year ago- no prospects at the moment- and it's very seems as if once you're over 40 in today's marketplace, you're thought of as an old codger, ready for the's so unfair-especially for someone like ian with a giant brain and a ton of experience- the man can do almost anything.but enough about that onward and upward! see if you can tell the difference between the two paintings.trala brigid


  1. I love both of these paintings; but I love your likeness in the one that's not as brightly lit. It captures your likeness beautifully, as well as Ian's. Those dimples! I've always loved your smile.

    I know how you feel about the panic attacks. I experience them too when I think about how I'm going to make ends meet until I'm out of school. Scary feeling... Then I push those thoughts away and strive for that "can do" attitude, but it's not easy at all, to do. At the moment I just try and strive for good grades and enough practice time, and am grateful that I'm learning as much as I am.

    So sorry to hear that Ian is having difficulty finding work. You are right, he's a brilliant man with a brilliant mind. Maybe employers are intimidated by that? This society is disgraceful with it's youth-oriented mentality. I'm keeping the best thoughts for both of you, so he'll find his perfect fit.

    I hope you guys will maybe consider a trip down to Florida one of these days... I have lots of room and would love to have you as guests if you'd like that. Just something to break up the monotony a bit.

    Can't wait to see your newer portraits of the family! You have wonderful subjects to work with. Stay strong, beautiful.

  2. karen my faithful reader- thank you so muchh for all your kind words and support. i love to hear from you-pleasesend me your address again- i want to send you the painting i did of you maureen and william-it's meant for you, and i just unearthed it from a pile of paintings. ian and alex are actually going to florida to mickey mouse land at the end of march.are you any where near there? love, brigid

  3. I am only an hour and 15 minutes from there!! I'd love to see Ian and Alex again! Remember I only met Alex briefly when he was only 2 years old. I'll message you my address on Facebook. I remember that painting so well, and actually asked Hilary if she'd take a picture of the charcoal drawing you did of us and email it to me so i could see it again. At the time, she did not have a digital camera. This means more to me than you can ever know. Thank you so much, Brig.

    Tell Ian and Alex that I'm only a quarter of a mile from the beach, and if they'd like to see it, and have a nice home cooked meal, my house is all theirs to use as a stopping point. I'd love to have them. Plenty of room. I wish you could be here too.