Thursday, February 23, 2012

february and its almost gone

hi there- it's feb .23rd i think, and i've been on vacation all week and i wa going to blog everyday, get caught up, post lots of things. it didn't happen. i haven't even turned on my computerall week except to download some pictures. so this is me, i can't keep up with my own life, predict when i'll post or any of that. and that's okay because there are no rules that say how often i have to post or how good it has to be, and i'm not really trying to get a huge following or a thousand viewers,-i'm just doing this because i like to say hello to anyone who's listening, who's interested in what i have to say, or wants to see what's going on with me. i've pretty much given up on the idea that i can sell my work online,or have an etsy shop or a web page because life is happening every second of every day and i am living and i'm dead tired and i don't have the time or the energy for that. most of the time i'm working everyday and coming home and trying to make some art and that's about all i have time for. except this week i've gotten up and painted and made art all day everyday and gone for an hour's walk on the beach with my baby, and read books and enjoyed every bloody minute of it. i wish it could be like this forever!!! i can't wait to retire, i want it so much i can taste it, but it looks as if i'll have to work at least for one more year, maybe two, but if i just live one day at a time it will happen eventually, and i'll be ever so grateful.. and until then i'll make as much artas i can on the side, and enjoy that too. so tada for now and i'll be back when i can. thanks for listening!love brigid

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  1. I know what you mean about life happening by so quickly... sometimes it takes my breath away! You are right; there are no hard and fast rules for blogging, but just know that there are those of us who take a second, and love to read about what is going on in your life. I've finally gotten that moment today, and was very happy to see two new posts! Happy Spring ahead day to you, thank God the days will be a bit longer now! Most of the time I just hide away in my house in the winter time, there is always plenty to do in here. Now I'll venture out from time to time and enjoy the longer days. Hope all is well, and it's great to see your art, as always.