Tuesday, May 15, 2012

advice needed

hi i'm having a little problem with trying to figure out where to go artistically-ian considers all of the work i do in journals as just craft work, and defines craft as art for people who can't do real art like painting and drawing and sometimes i do too-but he thinks it's kind of beneath me as a "good" artist.i'm not sure how i feel-making the journals makes me feel good but does it help me to growas an artist? my life is very cluttered and complicated as a journaler, mixed media artist too cluttered- so maybe i h ave to remove  some of it but not all of it i mean this pis looks like art to me.cheers

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  1. I happen to like your journal art, mostly because it does remind me a bit of antique Americana, but if you're looking to streamline your art into more growth, then maybe save the journal work for when you crave to do it. Every once in a while I crave to do a cross stitch project, where once that was all I did (VERY frustrated artist here) so I save it more for the cravings. Same with crochet, which is very arts 'n crafty, but that's really all I can do artistically, besides hair. If it brings you joy to do it, do it. If it looks artistic, enjoy it. You're incredibly gifted, so any medium you use will work. Everything you create is a study of some sort, and can be channeled into another medium, I'd think. What I like most about it is that it seems to be a stream of consciousness manifested by your hands and mind. if it's not a medium that will sell, then consider it only for your love of the art. We all need that to feed the enthusiasm we have for what we do. Keeps us from burning out, when we work very hard at something. Hope that helps!