Saturday, August 20, 2011

saturday dinner party

this is what i really look like

picture of me trying to take a self portrait in the mirror
hello hello, my guests have gone home and i am waiting until it's time for my son to go to bed, so i can have some down time. i'm not so good at entertaining- i don't do it frequently-usually because my house is a mess- but today we had friends over and had the best time! we started off at the ferry where we picked them up from mahattan and drove to snug harbor to show off my  etchings in the"process to print " show which has been up since july 9th . today was supposed to be the last day, but i spoke to the director who said they're keeping it up until monday so if you haven't seen it you have 2 more  days. i am honored to be in a show with pat decicco, bill murphy,&phyliss featherstone, to name a few of the talented artists whose work is showcased.we showed off the gardens and other delights of  the harbor to our friends who were duly impressed, and after the harbor we headed home,driving  along front street with it's fabulous views of the shore line, down past the beaches to our shady home in midland beach, which i grow more and more fond of as the years roll by. our friends thought staten island was like living in the country, a million miles away from the city. which in some ways it is, but in others-let's just say the traffic and s.i.'s drivers leave a little to be desired.once home, the kids pitched in and we had dinner on the table fairly quickly. hilary and alex were wonderful, making salad, setting out pre dinner snacks, getting the table set and the food on the table- we all worked together, and had a blast.. our friends, who we love dearly, seemed to have a good time and we plied them with jewelry, books and one of my paintings, which to my delight they seemed to was truly marvelous to spend time with them- they are wonderful people i never get tired of, and we all promised to get together soon and to spend more time together, and it was great that hilary was still here-she leaves for london on the 31st- eek!i leave you with a quote from martin luther king:"all men are interdependent...our destinies are tied together." and so it seems. good night, be well, brigid.

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