Sunday, August 14, 2011


hello all-so much has been happening i don't know where to begin.i just finished my summer class at the Art Lab and it was as usual outstanding.i received a great critique from Marie Roberts who said my work is definitely progressing and when  i asked her what artist i should be looking at she said lucian freud-who is one of my absolute favorite painters(he has a gem of a show at the met- some 17 or so fabulous paintings-his use of paint is both rough and luscious at the same time- don't miss it). i am now re-taking kellyrae roberts flying lessons e-course-so good. i am learning so much it's mind blowing and this is my 2nd time. lots of stuff about the importance of blogging-so iam committing myself to at least one if not 3 or4 posts a week from now on, and i plan to revamp the whole blog in the days ahead- i'm really excited over all that i've been learning.i hung my solo show in new hampshire on monday and i've already sold two paintings!  a fantastic beginning. we had a fab time with our incredible hosts colleen and jack foley, who co-own and operate the Cold Mountain Cafe in bethlehem new hampshire.great food,great service- i can't thank them enough for hosting my show and their incredible hospitality.- so if you are in the north country of new hampshire please stop in for a look at the show and an outsanding lunch or dinner. it's so beautiful there and the people are so friendly, i never want to leave. if my circumstances were different i'd move there in a hot minute. well that's it for tonight thanks for listening and come back to see the blog revamping. good night, lots of love, brigid

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