Monday, July 19, 2010

believe in yourself

hi there- this post is about believing in yourself and i got it from a page i created in one of my journals-hence the picture.the next page says "and others will too", but i couldn't scan it because the text was too dark and didn't show up's all that we have really-this believing in ourselves -it's the first step we take on this journey of self discovery, the thing that makes us paint and draw and write and allows us to let others see it, and its scary and also exhilarating to say to the world,well here i am and this is what i do and i hope you like it, but i'm going to do it anyway whether you like it or not, because i have to.and that's what any artist will tell you-there's no real choice involved in this .we do it because we have to and to not do it becomes like a physical pain,certainly a mental anguish that makes life very uncomfortable, if not downright unbearable,at least for me-how about you? i'd love to hear from you about the need, the drive to create that motivates you to work on and on and on, even when the work isn't selling and/or nobody seems to get it (or you) but you wouldn't dream of giving up,even if it means nobody ever hears of you, or you never get published or shown. so you go on believing in yourself, day after day step after step because to do otherwise is unthinkable...hey i'll tell you what-if you believe in yourself, i'll believe in you too, and if you want to believe in me that would be nice but it won't stop or start me because i already believe in let's raise our glasses to ourselves and get on with the work we really need to do. until next time...

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