Friday, July 9, 2010

finally friday

hi there-what a week! i started the week off with a new class that i already mentioned-collage and bookmaking,tuesday off to paint and scan some drawings into the computer, and on wednesday i started my summer program at the Art Lab which consists of three days of drawing from the model for 3 hours, and then painting for two hours on thursday and friday. on wednesday we had 3 hrs. of drawing from the model with an art history lesson thrown in in the afternoon.exhausting. i made a valiant effot but my drawings and paintings did not go as well as they might have-and it's tough to get back into the groove for the fifst week or so, and by the time i really get into it the six weeks are up and the program is over. i always doubt that i'll do it again but by the time summer rolls around i,m champing at the bit to do it again... a few lines from Rimbaud "I am unknown:so what? Poets are brothers. These verses believe,they love, they hope:that's enough"

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