Saturday, July 24, 2010

trip to the seashore

hello-i can't believe it's been nearly a week since i last posted-this summer is going frighteningly quickly,and i'm enjoying every minute.this week my daughter and i took a girl's day at the beach.we drove to point pleasant, new jersey where we flopped on the beach, frolicked in the surf, ate french fries(the best french fries in the world are for sale on the pt. pleasant boardwalk),played skee ball, took photobooth pictures, ate kohr's frozen custard ,and bought postcards and mailed them to each other from n.j. on the way home we stopped at ocean grove, an incredibly picturesque little town not far from p.p.(see photos)we took lots of pictures and i bought some amazing leather bracelets and a pair of super cool flip flops that have snaps on them so you can change the look just by snapping on a new button (sold separately).these ingenuous flips are put out by, and were sold in "The Emporium" a fantastic shop in ocean grove full of all kinds of beautiful goodies(i bought the leather bracelets there too-unfortunately i didn't get the name of the bracelet maker/ designer but the store is online @www.EMPORIUM-OG.COM, and i'm sure they would be happy to tell you.) i can't wait to go back and do some more shopping ! any way we had a fabulous time and i can't wait to go back to the seashore. next time i'm going to bring some paints along with my camera, because the light at the shore is so beautiful and different from new dream for when i'm rich and famous is to have an apartment(read loft) in Manhattan and a house at the jersey shore-of course i'll keep my house on staten island too because i love it. when i was a little girl i used to walk past the house i live in now(i grew up around the corner), and say to myself, "i'm going to live in that house when i grow up" and sure enough i did.any way more tomorrow about all the fabulous stuff i bought today at michael"s. i'm not a shopaholic no matter what my husband tells you....until we meet again, brigid.

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  1. I love the story about walking past the house and now living in it.