Monday, July 5, 2010

studio visit

hi there- i'm so new at this i just signed myself up as a new follower on my own blog! i just wanted to send a thank you to my real new followers courtney and seanora and somehow i signed myself up as one too,and i don't know how i did it or how to erase it... i spent most of the day trying to unclutter my studio which consists of a small room approx. 8 by 12 ft., packed to the gills with paintings, books, art supplies of every variety,magazines sewing supplies,manuscipts,and alot of unfinished work-you get the idea- i took some photos of the mess after i gave it up for the day which i hope i will be able to show you-here goes: well i guess not-maybe later.for some reason this post is annoyed with me and won't publish my images . i hit the publish images too many times i guess so this will have to be an image free post-sorry! after attempting to clean my studio i went to a new class given at snug harbor called"collage and bookmaking" taught by laura delprete and it was lots of fun and seems promising. i tried to take this class in the spring but it was cancelled since i was the only person who signed up -laura knows lots of stuff that i don't know yet and had lots of great coll aging stuff. i'll give you her link if she says its ok and if i can figure out how to do it. i hope i'm going to howl at these early blogs when i get more accomplished. right now my ears are burning with embarrassment at how inept i am... i have to confess if you haven't guessed already that i am not exactly computer savvy so please forgive("nudge,nudge,know what i mean") but i am struggling on nevertheless. maybe my incompetence will give someone else the courage to publish a not so polished blog. that said i'll try not to mention it again and end with a quote from my favorite poet pablo neruda "....from tomorrow's ash we will be born."

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