Wednesday, July 14, 2010

real artists

hello-am righteously tired-ispent the day at art camp(as my husband has dubbed the art program I'm attending at the art lab), trying to capture the thinnest man in the world on paper-honestly i prefer my models to have lots of flesh oozing everywhere and this model through no fault of his own is as thin as a fashion model- very difficult to draw.after lunch we had a lecture on Cezanne and the meaning of the picture plane and various other topics. at one point the lecturer made a comment on "creative types" who draw and press flowers and pour glitter on them, akind of disparaging comment on crafters,who i gather are not considered "real artists" by those in the know.really.aren't we all a little too sophisticated,educated grown up,and just a little bit tired of this kind of snobbery ? i've seen more beautiful art in the pages of magazines such as"cloth.paper.scissors",and " Somerset Studio" and tt's sister publication" Art journaling", than i've seen in serious art magazines like "artNews", and "Art in America" or "art forum",or even in the art galleries and art museums of new york city. not all of it of course,on either side of the fence. there is alot of "kitsch" every where both in and out of magazines and galleries and yes even museums.but the point of art and of artists is surely the act of creation of making something that the maker of that"art" considers beautiful or meaningful, while taking into consideration all the "art" that has been made by "artists" since the beginning of time, whether it be sprinkling glitter on dried flowers or making monumental sculptures or painting the Sistine chapel .it seems to me to be all part of the same honest effort, the desire to transcend the ordinary mind numbing terrifying grind of everyday life, a toast to the human spirit that carries on and attempts to make something out of this life.

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